Vele Gezichten Van De Zevenhuizerplas

In 2017 I composed and produced the music for the nature documentary 'Vele Gezichten Van De Zevenhuizerplas' ('The Many Faces of the Zevenhuizer Lake). It is a documentary film about the natural beauty that has developed in the artificial recreational lake 'Zevenhuizerplas', and it is the first Dutch underwater documentary. The year round, we see the beauty of the lake through the eyes of the pike, but we also see beautiful pictures from the sky, on land, among the reed beds, above and under the water surface.
This documentary was shown at the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam in October 2017. Both shows were fully sold out. Since then it has been shown on a number of regional television stations.

A large team of professionals worked on this project:

Robert Hughan - director, producer and cameraman
Arthur Scheijde - writer, editor and art director
Tim de Haan - music
Marcel van der Hulst - cameraman, editor, technical support
Stanley Quarre - cameraman, colour grading
Rene Oudshoorn - drone cameraman
Ton van der Spiegel - biologist
Olivier Nijs - sound
Hans Kortman - support diver
Cor Jordaan - webdesign
Robert Rosier - voice-over

More information about this documentary can be found on the website