My name is Tim de Haan. I’m a musician, producer, underwater cameraman and nature photographer from The Netherlands.
I completed 2 studies at the Artez Conservatory in the Netherlands: in 2009 my guitar studies at the pop academy and in 2012 my producer studies at Media Music.

I started diving at the age of 22 and was, like many others, impressed by the fascinating underwater world.
Even before I started my diving course I was already very interested in underwater videos, mainly because of a series of nature documentaries that I'd seen. After I bought an underwater camera-set and began filming underwater I started to get myself more into underwater video. One thing that kept me thinking was: which music fits well in underwater video productions? Because of my musical background I started to compose and produce my own music for these videos.

Music is a very important element in a videos. It can improve the video, but also ruin the quality of a nice film. Try to imagine your favorite scene in a movie or documentary without the music, the atmosphere would be completely different. Music can be used for the background but also to create a specific atmosphere.
During my Media Music studies I've completed a research project on music for underwater videos. Not only do I use the results of this research for my own videos, but I also specialized myself as composer for underwater film.

I release my music under the "Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0)". This means that you can copy, distribute, transmit, advertise and play my music as long as you give credit to the artist. After purchasing my music you are free to use my music for both hobby and commercial purposes, you don't need to optain a copyright license.

I have now finished many underwater video productions of my diving experiences in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. My video of 'Lembeh Strait' was chosen as PADI's video of the month in November 2012.

I've released 6 music albums: In Deep Waters (2011), Dreamland (2014), Ocean Voices (2015), Mermaid Waters (2015), Poseidon (2018) and Blue Worlds (2019).
My first videos in 2010 were recorded with a Sealife DC1200 camera. Since 2011 I have been using a JVC GZ-HM550 camcorder with a WR-MG270 housing. In addition I started using GoPro camera's in 2015. I use redfilters in tropical waters and a Subgear Video Light.

If you are looking for specific music for your film, I can compose and produce the music for you. And if you want to use one of my existing songs, but, for example, you need me to extend a specific part, or even the entire song, that is also possible.

For more information please contact me via